About Us

Here at Glitch Cat, we’re just a bunch of guys that love gaming. Located on the lovely island of Puerto Rico, we strive to provide honest reviews, up-to-date news, and previews on all the latest games across a variety of platforms.

Meet the Writers:

Alexandro Rios – Owner/Editor-in-chief

I’m just your average college student with a lot of time on his hands. I’m also a speculative fiction writer and novelist when I’m not gaming.


The Board Game Guys:

268501_10150252411056543_6809485_nDavid Matos – Reviewer

I’m a Puerto Rican of the New York variety (more specifically a Brooklynite). I’m also a member of the US Marine Reserve. I’m an avid comic book reader as well, and if that’s not enough Nerd Cred I’m what’s known as the rare “Bi” Sci-Fi fan; that’s right, I love both Star Trek and Star Wars. As far as video games, I love me some Metal Gear.

1368924_10200974003210898_502391073_nEduardo T. Otero – Reviewer

I’m a college graduate stuck in my apartment with my comics, anime, video games, and God complex to keep me sane. Although world domination is an inevitable eventuality, I’ll keep at my geeky ways and try to create the next big thing til the day comes.

Javier Bernal – Reviewer

I’m a Physics major with a love for TV series, movies, and technology. Although not yet finished with my studies, my future plans are traveling to Japan, finishing my Masters, and eating bacon through it all.


Previous Writers:

Gabriel Castro – News and Reviews
Daryl Sanchez – 3DS/PS3 Editor
Efrain Muñiz – PC Editor 
Ian Murray – Reviewer
Ian Rolon – Reviewer
Juan Colom – Reviewer
Luis E. Pérez Cortés – Reviewer
René Miguel Rodríguez-Astacio – Reviewer
Yamil Sarraga – Reviewer
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