Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Review

With Michael Bay’s newest Transformers film out in theaters, it’s predictable for Activision to release a new game to coincide with it. This time however, High Moon Studios, developers of the successful War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, aren’t … Continue reading 

Shovel Knight Review

After various delays, Yacht Club Game’s ode to 8-bit games Shovel Knight is finally here, bringing classic gameplay and gorgeous old-school visuals to gamers itching for a challenge. Was the long wait a waste of time, or is this loving … Continue reading 

1001 Spikes shows some indie love in New Challengers trailer

Nicalis’ 1001 Spikes is seeing release on a couple of consoles soon, and in celebration, a new trailer has been released showing some of the new adventurers you’ll be able to play as. Among the new challengers stepping into the dangerous ruins are characters … Continue reading 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

With Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drawing crowds into movie theaters, Activision and Beenox wanted to do the same with their video game tie-in, aiming to expand on the movie’s plot while providing players a good time as Marvel’s web … Continue reading 

Child of Light Review

With UbiArt Framework already powering the gorgeously animated Rayman games, it’s hard to believe that Ubisoft could top the superb visuals in those titles. And yet with Child of Light, Ubisoft Montreal has done it again, creating a game that … Continue reading 

Lego The Hobbit Review

With Lego The Lord of the Rings covering the main trilogy of J.R.R Tolkien books and Peter Jackson’s fantastic films, it’s only natural that the new trilogy based on The Hobbit gets the video game treatment as well. With Lego … Continue reading 

Skylanders are coming back with Trap Team

You can’t keep a good action figure down. Activision and Toys For Bob have recently announced the newest iteration of the Skylanders series, Skylanders: Trap Team. The biggest new feature: the ability to capture and use enemies. In addition to new Skylanders figures … Continue reading