Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Review


Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut is disappointing. You’d think that a game whose main focus is dogfighting and giant mechs in space would be fun, but Strike Suit Zero takes the wrong approach to this. It assumes that since people … Continue reading 

There’s nowhere to run in this new Wolfenstein: The New Order Trailer

With Bethesda and Machinegame’s Wolfenstein: The New Order a month away, a new story trailer for the game titled “Nowhere to Run” has been released. It’s pretty awesome. The trailer grants us a brief glimpse of the story, as series mainstay B.J.  Blazkowicz … Continue reading 

New Trailer Reveals The Kingpin in The Amazing Spider Man 2

With the release of Activision and Beenox Interactive’s The Amazing Spider Man 2 just around the corner, the developers have released a new trailer for the game, revealing the Kingpin as one of the game’s antagonists. Not only does the trailer show … Continue reading 

Kinect Sports Rivals Review


Ever since its release, people have been questioning Microsoft’s decision to include the Kinect with the Xbox One. Many think that the many voice and gesture gimmicks when traversing the system’s menus are unnecessary, and that the machine’s $500 price … Continue reading 

Check out the world of Watch_Dogs in this new trailer

With all the drama surrounding Watch_Dogs and the new visuals, some might doubt the graphical prowess of the game. With this new trailer titled “Welcome to Chicago,” however, Ubisoft is aiming to set things straight. Nearly four minutes long, this video shows us … Continue reading