Deception IV: Blood Ties Review

Tecmo’s Deception and its sequels have always been some of gaming’s most unique experiences. In them, you would always play the role of a frail damsel in distress who would run away from deadly pursuers in the confines of her … Continue reading 

Lego The Hobbit Review

With Lego The Lord of the Rings covering the main trilogy of J.R.R Tolkien books and Peter Jackson’s fantastic films, it’s only natural that the new trilogy based on The Hobbit gets the video game treatment as well. With Lego … Continue reading 

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition Review

With dozens of Dynasty Warriors games already available on various consoles, the series has finally made an appearance on a new, current gen console with Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition for the PS4,an updated version of last year’s … Continue reading 

Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars Review

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars will probably offend you. The game is a mix of dungeon crawler and dating sim, with the dungeon crawling bit being very pedestrian and dull while the dating sim part works at giving … Continue reading 

SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt Review

As I descend into the depths of these caverns, I’m aware that my chances of coming back alive are waning. It’s getting harder to see as my oil runs out, and the ground is getting harder to break through, meaning … Continue reading 

Toukiden: The Age of Demons Review

When you think of handheld multiplayer experiences in which you and your friends hunt large and dangerous prey with a variety of wild weapons, one game immediately comes to mind: Monster Hunter. The game based on teamwork in order to … Continue reading 

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review

The visual novel game genre – one that’s been around for many years – is an insanely popular genre in Japan. It takes the appeal of long, developing plotlines and rich dialogue, and mixes it with light gameplay elements and … Continue reading