Titan Souls Review

Upon first glance, Acid Nerve’s Titan Souls looks and feels familiar. You’re a young individual, lost in strange yet very peaceful ruins, seeking out powerful foes, battling them one on one with a bow and an arrow, and absorbing their essence when they are defeated. 

La-Mulana EX Review

The original release of La-Mulana back in Windows showed that exceptional side-scrolling action adventure games, especially those of the Metroidvania genre, were still alive and kicking offering players depth and exciting gameplay while channeling what made classic gaming so great. 

Minutes Review

Minutes, by Red Phantom Games, is a unique bullet hell experience. Instead of players taking control of a ship or a person and avoiding colorful patterns of death dealing bullets while shooting back some of your own in scrolling stages, Minutes has players take control of a circle as it feeds off objects of light color, while avoiding dark ones for the duration of one minute.