Chaos on Deponia Review

It looks like the golden age of point-and-click adventure games is making a return.

For a time, games like King’s Quest, Monkey Island and many Sierra games were all the rage.  After a while, however, they lost their steam and many point-and-click adventure games were forgotten.

Chaos on Deponia

Developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment.

Available for the PC.

Daedelic Entertainment, developer of the hit Deponia series, is back with the latest entry in the franchise:  Chaos on Deponia. It seems like they’re trying to bring back the glory days of point-and-click games. Will Chaos on Deponia be another solid release for the genre?

While I didn’t get to play the first Deponia game, the sequel starts with a pretty good summary of what events transpired during the first game. Chaos on Deponia starts off just after the end of Deponia. Rufus, our hero, is trying to stop an evil organization from eradicating all living life in Deponia.  He has the help of his friends and Goal (I believe she’s an android of some sorts), who was “persuaded” to stay on Deponia to help him save the planet. CoDaAfter crashing into a ship in an attempt to reach Elysium (Goal’s home planet) and almost killing himself and Goal, Rufus must recover three parts of the android’s fragmented memory, restore her to her former self, return to Elysium and save Deponia. Will Rufus be able to pull this off?

Graphically speaking this game looks amazing. I loved the character and background designs. Some animations were a little stiff, but most of the time all character animations were pretty smooth. Deponia is also a great place to view and explore. Every part you examine in the planet is vibrant and well animated. I really think this is one of the best looking 2D games I’ve ever played.

Gameplay in Chaos of Deponia is your typical point-and-click fare. You explore areas, look for items, and combine said items if needed to proceed.  Everything is accessible by just using the mouse, from the menus to the option screens, and I think that’s great.

CoDb To make progress within the story you’ll have to solve puzzles. These involve finding items and bringing them to somebody, pouring sugar into a generator, acting like a moron to short circuit a robotic dog, and more. As you progress throughout the story, puzzles will get harder and sometimes even really cryptic, but Rufus will dole out some hints upon collecting items, which should help out a bit. I didn’t have that much trouble solving most of the puzzles.

Funny dialogue and character banter really adds to the gameplay. There rarely is a dull moment with Rufus’ antics. Stuff like almost burning down a house trying to get a hammer, and other mishaps makes the game really fun to watch and play.

What I didn’t enjoy about Chaos of Deponia was the backtracking. While I know that backtracking makes the game a bit longer, some dull tasks and moments makes some portions of the game boring and tiring. The game is also pretty short, but that is typical of point-and-click adventure games.

While the graphics are the star of the game, the sound doesn’t fall behind. Every item makes its own sound, and every character in the game has top-notch voice-acting, which is great. The funny dialogue really does complement the voice acting.

CoDcThe music in the game is good, but not perfect. Some great tracks will get stuck in your head, while others aren’t as memorable, but are still quite good. I really did enjoy the intro to each chapter though, as some guy appears and sings you into the next chapter with some really catchy and funny tunes.

I really enjoyed the time I spent playing Chaos on Deponia. The funny dialogue always kept me chuckling, and a lot of puzzles kept me thinking, but never to the point of being really frustrating. The animated cutscenes and dialogue also do a great job in immersing the player into the story and the world of Deponia. While there’s a bit of bothersome backtracking and some dull moments within the story, in the end all aspects of the game really do shine. If you’re a fan of adventure games, then this is the game to play. I highly recommend it.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10

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