Citizens of Earth Review

After a heated political battle, the newly elected Vice President of the World, or VP as some call him, decides to go back home for vacations, yet is cut short as weird things are happening in his home town. As the VP, you must get to the bottom of the situation, but as most politicians, you don’t want to get your hands dirty. So you decide to recruit people from different walks of life and let them battle for you while you solve just what’s going on with your world.

Citizens of Earth

Developed by Eden Industries / Published by Atlus

Available on PC, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U and 3DS. Reviewed on the 3DS.

*Review code provided by Atlus

Citizens of Earth is a funny turn-based RPG inspired by Earthbound in which you recruit every day characters like the handyman, baker, your mom, your brother and other wacky characters as you fight to save Earth. Since you’re a fancy politician and you can’t get down and dirty (for risk of ruining your reputation), you have other people fight for you in turn-based battles as you walk around in a cartoony and colorful, top-down world.

The controls are very simple and easy to learn, and the game world is pretty big, as there are so many places and locations you can go to at any moment. Thankfully, a handy map will show you the area you’re in, enemy positions, and important NPCs, and you’ll always know what you have to do if you go to the menu. Enemies – who range from angry protesters, robots, to police officers and secret agents and even weirder stuff down the road – freely wander the world and are avoidable, so there’s also no random encounters.

After running into enemies or commanding your team to attack in order to initiate combat, each character (provided that you first recruit them by completing small side quests for them) has his/her own unique and silly attacks that can be used in battle – such as how the VP’s Mom can scold enemies or the Baker can use pastries, instead of typical Fight, Defend, and Heal commands seen in most RPGs – which reinforce the game’s oddball and charming humor. Some of these attacks can be used immediately, while others require collecting energy to perform stronger attacks, adding some strategy when it comes to how you approach stronger foes.

This is how you battle to defend the Vice President of the World.
This is how you battle to defend the Vice President of the World.

Characters also have special abilities out of battle that are quite useful. Out of battle the VP’s Mom can give you sage, motherly advice, the Brother can buy you items on the go from “Fed’ups,” the teacher can level up other characters in school, and more, adding to each new recruits usefulness outside of combat.

The only real issue found in the game is that there are some glitches. One I found was that sometimes when you leave a house or building, the characters freeze in place and don’t move, and you can’t continue, press pause or command them to attack. They just stay frozen right in front of the entrance, and you have to reset the game in order to continue. This nasty glitch doesn’t occur that often, and it isn’t too bad because the game autosaves and you can just reload after a reboot, but it’s pretty bad.

You have to choose wisely to be able to recruit him.
You have to choose wisely to be able to recruit him.

Citizens of Earth is a great, fun game that should be played by everyone, especially old-school RPG and Earthbound fans who love wacky humor, turn-based combat, and a lot of personality. This indie game is a jewel for all ages, and personally I hope they make a sequel as this game has potential for so much more in the future.


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Andres Estevez Couvertier

Andres dreams with being a director/screenwriter but when he has time he plays video games. He is either watching movies or playing with his 3DS. He truly believes that the world can become one with anime, movies or video games.