Get Yourself a Arma 3 Alpha Lite code!

Do you like military first-person shooters? Want to try one of the latest? If you answered “yes” to both questions (or one of them, really), then you’re in luck! Our friends over at Bohemia Interactive have granted us 300 codes for the preview version of their newest shooter Arma III Alpha. Get one today.

What you lucky folks will be getting is a Arma III Alpha LiteĀ  Steam key, which will allow you to play through most of the features of the Alpha build, minus the multiplayer scenarios and modding.

What is in the Alpha What will be in the full game
Stratis (20 km2) Altis (270 km2) & Stratis (20 km2)
3 Factions 5 Factions
12 Weapons 40+ Weapons
8 Vehicles 20+ Vehicles
2 Multiplayer Scenarios (not in Lite)
Multiple Weapon Attachments
4 Singleplayer Showcases Customizable Gear
Multiple Weapon Attachments Singleplayer Campaign
Customizable Gear Multiplayer
Scenario Editor Multiple Scenarios & Challenges
Modding (not in Lite) Scenario Editor


It’s a pretty sweet deal, I must say so myself.

Now, to get a code, all you have to do is use the nice widget below and comment on why you want one below or like us on Facebook (you do have to do one, though. I’ll be keeping tabs!). This is a first come, first serve offer, so I’ll be dishing out codes until they run out. Act quick and you’ll most likely get yourself one.

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Good luck!


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