New Skylanders game brings vehicles to the mix

Like clockwork, Activision has announced a new entry for the Skylanders series. This time, however, the game introduces land, sea, and sky vehicles, open roads, and vehicular combat.

In addition to the all-new vehicle figures that will be available (20 of them), which can be customized in-game with mods and various weapons, the game features the all-new Supercharger characters (20 of these too) who bring new attacks and special abilities. All 300+ previously released Skylanders will be compatible with the all new vehicles, and combining a Supercharger with its signature vehicle will unlock a special mod that powers up both the vehicle and character.

A new trailer for the game has been released, featuring motorsports celebrity Travis Pastrana. Check it out:

The game’s Starter Pack will come with two new Skylanders, a vehicle, and the all new Portal of Power.

Skylanders Superchargers will be coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U on September 20, 2015. Unique versions of the game will be coming to the Wii, Nintendo 3DS and iPad.

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