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Playstation Plus free games for August Announced

Sony has finally revealed the free games coming to Playstation Plus this weekend, and it’s honestly kind of underwhelming. Among the new titles are Tricky Towers and Rebel Galaxy.

Tricky Towers is a new physics-based puzzle game which has players race to build a tower before their opponents, while hampering their efforts. Rebel Galaxy is a procedurally generated space RPG where players take control of Destroyer space ships and  complete jobs, engage in piracy, and combat threats. Both titles will be coming to the PS4.

For the PS3, we’ll be getting Retro/Gradea rhythm-based shooter, which you can check out our review of it here, and Yakuza 5the latest entry in Sega’s beat-em-up game.

Finally, the PS Vita will be getting the rhythm strategy game Patapon 3which originally came to the PSP, and Ultratronan arcade shooter that will also be available for download on the PS3 and PS4.

The free games for August will be available on August 2.

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