Ravaged Review


Developed by 2 Dawn/ Published by Reverb

Available on the PC.

I want to start out this review by saying that I really wanted to like this game. I really did.

Ravaged is a post-apocalyptic online team-based FPS focused on vehicular combat. Developed by 2 Dawn and published by Reverb, it’s 2 Dawn’s first foray into the gaming world.

With a concept like this one, what’s not to like? It brought me awesome ‘Mad Max’-like ideas to mind, and I was ready to dig deep into the game and drive/fly around to kill all of my enemies.

A cool concept, however, is not enough to make a good game.

RavageddRavaged consists of two factions fighting for control over the land and supplies. There’s the Scavengers, who want to take control and keep the goods to themselves, and then we have the Resistance, who’s trying to restore order and stop the Scavengers.

You want to play the game for the story? Don’t as that’s it for the plot. Want to know what happened to the world or what was the cause of the apocalypse? None of that is described or explained in-game, so don’t go looking for answers.

When it comes to the game, there are 5 characters for each faction and 5 classes to choose from. Each character has a designated class within its corresponding faction. The only difference between characters of the same class is the name of the character and the body/weapon skin, otherwise they do exactly the same. On the Scavengers’ side we have the Bandit, Warrior, Bodyguard, Assassin and the Grunt. On the Resistance’s side we have the Recon, Soldier, Weapon Specialist, Sniper, and finally Support. Both basically boil down to Recon, Assault, Demolition, Sniper and Heavy Weapon classes for both factions.

RavagedcWhen you start the game, you’re thrown into a lobby where you can either select a quick mode which will throw you in a random game or you can browse for a match from all of the available servers. I didn’t really find an option to create your own game, or an option to invite friends.

At the start of a match, you choose which class and weapons you’d like. Sometimes you get to choose from one or two weapon choices, but most of the time it’s just one. The list of weapons you can choose from, however, is really lacking in this game, which is a big problem. Sure, there are 28 weapons in the game, but each class only has access to a couple of weapons, and on occasions just one. With no new weapons coming in after a couple of matches, things get boring quickly. I think it would’ve been a lot better if players had a chance to create their own characters and weapon loadouts based on their own play-styles.

Gameplay – which is the most important element in a game like this – is generic at best; you just run around, point your gun, aim through the sights and shoot. There’s really nothing new or exiting to be found here. And each character class doesn’t feel unique, which I think is kind of sad, as all classes basically feel the same.

RavagedeWhen using vehicles, I found the controls to be too stiff and hard to control, and most of the time ground vehicles will crash into a pile of rocks and literally get stuck in the environment, which is horrible. Aerial vehicles on the other hand, left me trying to control the vehicle only to have them just flip and crash into the ground. For a vehicle-focused game I would think the controls would be smoother.

Something that’s really killing this game is its player base. It’s almost nonexistent. I’ve often found myself staring at empty servers, or sometimes finding one or two players max. The times I actually got to play with other people, there were at most about 15 players. With only 15 players in maps designed for 32, it was hard to find anyone out in the large, sprawling fields.

Being a class-based shooter, I was disappointed that I saw that no one really banded together, as everyone was running and gunning. Since there aren’t any healing or real support classes, team-based combat is really lacking.

With only 3 modes to play through, the game gets repetitive fast. There’s Thrust, a mode where the first faction to capture all the points wins the match, Resource Control, which is CTF with the added twist of collecting a fuel can that you need to bring back to your base, and finally Team Deathmatch. With such a small amount of maps (there’s 10) and game modes, Ravaged really gets repetitive in just a couple of hours. And playing through it isn’t worth it since you don’t level up or unlock new weapons and items by playing. You’ll just get points for the leaderboard.

RavagedbVisually, Ravaged is pretty good. The large maps are nice to look at and vary in terrain. You will often find nice-looking destroyed historical structures like the Statue of Liberty, and other large vehicles like ships. I, however, sometimes found texture and graphic breaks – like polygons breaking away – but it wasn’t that often to be considered a problem. I enjoyed the character design, as all of the models looked good despite being a little rough on the edges.

The sound in the game is sadly not as good as the visuals. Gunshots don’t really pack a punch, your cry of pain and grunts always sound the same when you get hit, and most of the time you’ll only hear your footsteps or a little bit of the ambient sounds, which are pretty standard and generic. In regards to music, you could say there isn’t any. The only music you’ll hear is an Industrial-like song that plays when you browse the servers. Other than that, I didn’t find any other tracks.

At the end of the day, ‘lacking’ is the word that best describes this game. From the story and the gameplay, to the classes, maps and game modes, it’s all very lacking. Perhaps with some future improvements and tweaking, this could make for a decent game, but by then I believe it’d be too late to save it. While Ravaged isn’t that expensive, I recommend spending your money on something else.

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 3/10

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