Rock a chance to win Charlie Murder!

So, you might not have won a 1-month Xbox Live code, or a free copy of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. That doesn’t mean your chances to win something are over though, since the Summer of Arcade is still going on, and the next item on the contest list is Ska Studios’ Charlie Murder!

Since it’s a music-inspired game, we’ll make it simple this time. To enter, all you have to do is tell us what is your favorite music genre, and why (easy enough?). Once you do comment, you can then click on the “I’ve commented!” button on the giveaway box. If you don’t comment but do click the button, your entry will be invalid and deleted. In the last two contests I’ve unfortunately had people who didn’t comment but did mark that they did. You got to follow instructions, friends!

As usual, once you comment you can earn additional entries by following us on Facebook and Twitter (via the app), and repost a tweet.

The contest will end on Wednesday, August 28, at 12:oo A.M. You got two days to enter, so give it a shot!

Update: Congrats to Hector S. (hsith)! Please check your email for the code! And to those who did not win, don’t fret, we’ve got another contest tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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Best of luck!

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  • eugaet

    I’m going to go with classical. My musical tastes tend to change from one day to the next, but classical music is something I can listen to any day of the week and enjoy. It can be quite calming (depending on what you’re listening to, of course).
    [I’m Michael T in the widget.]

  • Antarael Dulacre

    Medieval Rock it is =) …because who doesn’t like bagpipes in their music? =D

  • Zeffstep

    I like potatoes!

    • Jerry Dibujito

      fuk , y u do dis?

  • Faith

    Wooooo Can’t Wait!

  • Jason Walsh

    Really want this game!!

  • Tanelorn82

    Metal ! For the variety of genre, you can listen to everything. From Metal Opera incorporating classical elements to much more aggressive Death metal.

  • Karen Navarro Figueroa

    Hard to the core, get it? Metal ftw!

    • $ussy the pu$$y

      ur hot baby lanstrums:-)

  • Rich

    Lady gaga hackd

  • hsith

    I was going to say Grunge but I’ve been thinking my answer, and I prefer Classic Rock because some of the have some crazy guitar solos.

  • hsith

    Damn! I didn’t expect to win this :), what a surprise, Thanks! 😀 Now I can play with my friends.

  • Jerry West da mvp

    Chef boyardee esta sorteando una planta electrica Honda. Tempo salio de la carcel y a Mister cash lo metieron pre so. A donde vamos a para Cristo amado.