Scarygirl Illustration Kit Review

Have you ever felt the need to improve your drawing/animation skills? Have no fear because Square One Games Inc has you covered. Scarygirl Illustration Kit will teach you the basics on how to improve or find the talent that is in you.

Scarygirl Illustration Kit

Developed and published by Square One Games Inc

Available on the 3DS

Review code provided by Square One Games Inc

Scarygirl Illustration Kit is an edutainment game or application, in which you learn how to draw or animate using vectors. From what is explained, vectors is this technology that actually helps your drawing look better. For example, if you try to draw a straight line and you know it won’t be straight then the vectors fix it so it can look as perfect as possible. The game is fun because it lets you be creative in many ways than one. You can draw different lines, shapes and sizes and color in one or two colors. Most of the action is done from the touch screen of the 3DS so you have nothing to worry about using any type of button really. Scarygirl Illustration Kit has the advantage of letting you dive right in to the screen to draw or animate, but it also has the options to see tutorials. The tutorials are very simple as it’s divided between basic and advanced drawing and animation.

Scarygirl Illustration Kit also has an import section filled with different images that you can use to draw or animate in any way that you want. You get the chance to do anything with the pictures you can import from the game itself. You can save your art when you’re done and view it on the album mode whenever you desire. You can also open some past drawings or animations you have done in your album and tweak it even more if you are not satisfied. The best part is that all the pictures already saved for you are really well made and visually stunning.

The bad thing about the Scarygirl Illustration Kit is that the game is not about teaching you how to draw step by step, but how to draw in the game, as in if you know how to draw then learn how to do it in the game. This can be a problem for people who want to learn how to draw in general and cannot pick this game as it will immediately launch them to draw. The same can be said about animation, as you can animate but if you do not know to draw you might not be good at animating.

Scarygirl Illustration Kit is a game that is honestly relative to the person playing it. The game is a good learning tool and is visually stunning in the pictures and what you can draw or animate. Yet it would not be the same for someone who does not like to draw or know how to draw than a person who does. This tool is awesome but more for a select few who feel that they need it or want it and have experience. Other than that, Scarygirl is very unique in the sense of the art it has and how it somehow draws your attention.


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Andres Estevez Couvertier

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