See how you manipulate the world in this Tearaway Trailer

In this launch trailer for Media Molecule’s (the guys behind the popular Little Big Planet franchise) Tearaway, we get to check out all the cool stuff you’ll be able to do with your PS Vita’s front and rear touch pad.

A paper-craft adventure game, players are tasked with helping the protagonist – a messenger –  deliver a message. The game relies heavily on the touch features of the Vita, as demonstrated in the new launch trailer.

Players can break through the world with their fingers using the rear touch pad, or manipulate the world using the front screen to open new pathways. You can even create and edit your own creatures, bringing forth a level of customization that Media Molecule is known for.

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It certainly looks like a reason to finally use that rear touch pad again.

Tearaway will be available this Friday, November 22.

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Alexandro Rios

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