Sizable update for Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution, one of the PS4’s free-to-play titles, is still in beta and has received its first significant update today.

The patch addresses many stability issues players had with the title, with the framerate having been improved, faster load times, and improved matchmaking by way of better host migration. But in addition to these fixes, there are three big features that were added to the title:

  • New Horde mode called Onslaught Mode: it pits you against an endless horde of enemies. Onslaught is designed to make players work together to adapt to each wave in order to survive.
  • Two new maps: Decay and Metro. Metro is an abandoned subway station that forces gun battles in narrow corridors, and Decay is a slum fortress that requires you to move across the rooftops of abandoned buildings.
  • And private servers that will allow for private matches to let you play with whomever you please.
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