Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Review

Following the success of Super Mario Maker on the Wii U – a game that let players create their own stages using visual styles from various Mario titles and play through others creations, it was only natural that the game be ported over to Nintendo’s handheld, thanks to the portable console’s touch screen. Now that it’s finally available on the 3DS, it’s safe to say that the game is just as awesome as its home console counterpart, but unfortunately it also dropped some features in the process, which can be a big problem for some.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

Developed and published by Nintendo

Available on the Nintendo 3DS

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Super Mario Maker, for those not in the know, allows players to create the Mario level of their dreams using the engines from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. U. Players can select from blocks, tiles, creatures, platforms and much, much more, as well as program enemy movement, block drops, and other neat features to create anything that you can imagine. It’s an awesome concept that works surprisingly well, thanks to the streamlined creation system that allows players to easily place and remove objects in a grid-based map, and an in-depth tutorial that covers all of the concepts without any hassle. Creating is extremely easy and entertaining, and you can easily lose a lot of time crafting your ideal stages. The opportunities are endless.

Creating stages on the 3DS also feels great, and it’s just as simple as the Wii U version, thanks to the 3DS’s touch screen and stylus. It’s all just a matter of dragging and dropping, and your off to creating stuff. Additionally, due to the 3DS’s portability, players can create stages on the go, which is absolutely fantastic.

Super Mario Maker
The Super Mario Challenge offers 100 courses designed by Nintendo.

A new feature for the 3DS version of the game is the Super Mario Challenge, featuring 100 new stages designed by Nintendo that not only provide some fun and creative gameplay, but also feature unique tasks that will reward players with medals when completed. 

The game also allows players the chance to play through others creations on the Wii U through two modes: 100 Mario Challenge, and Recommended Courses. These let players check out some wild creations, and they can either download them (allowing players to keep their favorites) or play them online individually, or play through eight random stages with only 100 lives available to complete them in the 100 Mario Challenge. Players can also select the difficulty level too, allowing them to choose easy stages to breeze through, or challenging gauntlets that’ll have players pulling their hair out.

What’s not great however is the sharing options. I’m not exactly sure why, but it seems that players can’t upload their creations on the 3DS, which kind of defeats the purpose of creating your courses and sharing with others. Players can share their creations through StreetPass, but unless you have a big group of friends around with the game, your creations aren’t going to be seen by many eyes, which is a bummer. Another issue is that players can’t download specific courses using course IDs, nor leave comments for courses. This severely limits the game’s potential as players can’t find or play many of the courses available, which is a shame.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is ultimately a great game that’s unfortunately missing some big features. The point about creating stages is sharing, and while you’ll have a blast making levels and creating challenges for your friends, not being able to share with others online or finding some of the most famous ones available on the Wii U is an issue. It’s still a fun-filled game though, just don’t expect it to come with all the bells and whistles the Wii U version is known for.

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