The World Ends With You Coming To iOS And Possibly More

A few days ago Square Enix posted a new teaser site with a countdown, and it didn’t take long for fans to look at  the various teasers on the site and speculate that it would be a sequel announcement for the acclaimed DS RPG, The World Ends With You. Many were excited to say the least. Though, as it it tends to be the case with these things it is is best to not let our expectations to get the best of us, less we be disappointed.

Square Enix posted a product page that was quickly removed, but this being the internet, it was noticed before it was taken down. It revealed an upcoming album of remixed tracks for a soon to be announced iOS port of a DS game. The suspected game in question being The World Ends With You. This was then followed by a tweet by Brian Gray, whose worked as a translator on Square Enix games numerous times, essentially confirming the suspicions of the iOS port, but also implying more news to come in the reveal when the countdown’s done in 2 days. So fret not, you may still get the news you want.

(via Tiny Cartridge)

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