Tomb Raider “Caves and Cliffs” Multiplayer Arriving on Xbox 360 First

Can’t get enough of Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider? It seems the developers have got you covered, especially if you’re gaming on the Xbox 360. On March 19, Xbox 360 users will be the first to get access to the Caves and Cliffs multiplayer DLC, which comes with three new maps.

The three new maps will be playable in four game modes. The official press release describes the maps as follows:

Scavenger Caverns
An extensive subterranean network of caves used by the island’s scavengers as an underground prison.

Cliff Shantytown
This scavenger settlement was built high up on the island cliffs. Its many layers hide some of the deadliest traps on the island.

The Burning Village
A raging fire has embraced an abandoned Japanese village, the burning buildings offer multiple ways to escape or engage your enemies.

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Here are some screenshots of the upcoming maps for you to enjoy:

No release date has been announced for other systems. Stay tuned for updates.

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