Hide and Shriek

Watch Youtubers compete in Hide and Shriek

You might have heard of Funcom’s Hide and Shriek by now. Two players hunt each down in a abandoned school while invisible, and scare each other whenever they get a chance. But if you’re looking to see how Hide and Shriek plays, you can check out some Youtubers duke it out, all the while screaming like they usually do.

Developed by the guys behind horror MMO The Secret World, Hide and Shriek has players battle to scare the other three times in a row or win by points. The new video shows popular Youtubers spooking and trapping each other, and of course, doing the thing they love most: screaming.

Hide and Shriek is now available on the PC.

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Alexandro Rios

Editor-in-Chief at Glitch Cat
Alexandro is the Editor-in-chief of glitchcat.com. He quietly weeps daily for the loss of Silent Hills. Rest in peace, awesome horror game. Add him on PSN/XBLA: glitchbot012