Watch_Dogs 2

Watch_Dogs 2 incoming; new setting, new characters

While not really surprising, Ubisoft has announced that their open world hacking adventure game Watch_Dogs 2 will be coming this year. It’ll take place in San Francisco, and will feature a new, agile protagonist named Marcus Holloway.

The game will continue with the hacking gameplay of the original, allowing players to hack into their surroundings to gain an advantage. Marcus however has some freerunning moves, allowing him to traverse the environment in a much quicker and dynamic manner.

The team also released a 30 minute reveal, which features the developers talking about the process of making the game, as well as showing some of the gameplay:

I’m looking forward to this one. While the first entry didn’t blow me away, I did enjoy it, and I’m curious to see if the sequel improves on the original. Oh, and the 3D printed guns, I hope that figures into the game somehow. Seems like a crazy thing to do.

Watch_Dogs 2 will be coming out November 15, 2016 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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