Hurricane Maria

We are back! A note on our disappearance after Hurricane Maria

After various months of inactivity, I’m happy to report that we are back in business!

I apologize for the lack of communication during this period of time, but being that we were located in Puerto Rico, we were heavily affected by the passing of hurricane Maria on September 20 and were left without the capability of actively posting on the site.

During these past couple of months, we experienced difficulties with reliable sources of water, power and internet. When one utility came back on, another would go out, forcing us to rely on generators and gasoline to continue the work. With no stable access to the internet due to mayor damages our provider sustained to their infrastructure, we utilized limited mobile data from phones in order to post and email. It was not enough however to regularly post on the site.

To this day, our original location still doesn’t have power or internet access, so we’ve just moved to California as our new home base.

Over the next couple of days we’ll be posting reviews of games that we covered during the period, as well as catch up to all the latest news and games coming out soon. Apologies on the delays on getting everything out!

Thank you for your patience!

– Alex

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Alexandro Rios

Editor-in-Chief at Glitch Cat
Alexandro is the Editor-in-chief of He quietly weeps daily for the loss of Silent Hills. Rest in peace, awesome horror game. Add him on PSN/XBLA: glitchbot012